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Updated: Dec 19, 2018

World famous ONAOO certified oil tester Ellen Wu for the completion of her last cook book “Learn cooking from Italian Mamma” decided to travel to Napoli, Italy and spend some time with Chef Antonio Tardi’s mom “Petrella Andreana” and learn the art of home style Neapolitan cuisine.

Ellen, during her stay with Antonio’s family, discovered the truly Neapolitan traditions and hospitality from the heart, which only Italian cans do, in a few words the root of the Southern Italy cuisine and culture.

She also discovered the cuisine, which Chef Antonio grew up on from childhood until today whenever Chef Antonio travels back home. As Antonio always says: “I’ve been working with the finest chefs in the world from whom I’ve learned technique and management skills, yet the flavors and the taste of my cuisine only my mom gave to me which I like to call “Food From The Memories”.

Also during her stay, Ellen had the chance to discover Chef Antonio’s birthplace in depth. She went through his childhood, from his grandfather’s countryside where all of the vegetables for the family used to come from. She also went to visit his grandma’s house where she used to make bread for all of the family only using her hands.  Can you imagine mixing 50 kg of flour and water with hands only?  No master chef in the world is capable to do so nowadays.

Additionally, Ellen went to the local markets and the baccala’ factory belonging to the Esposito family. Ellen said: “going to the baccala’ factory was a must. Antonio one day back in Taiwan introduced me to this ingredient and I was amazed by the taste of this creation. Antonio said this was and is the must have dish each time he travels back to Italy to see his family.”

By the end of the trip Ellen felt amazed by the traditions the Italian family carry on and she also discovered a lot of similarity between Italian and Chinese cultures.

About Ellen Wu Ellen is a Taiwanese Book Author and Celebrity Chef with a deep passion about Italian food and culture. She travels often around the world and especially in Italy for inspiration about her cookbooks. She is the only ONAOO qualified oil tester for the Taiwanese and Chinese market, also she hosts TV shows in Taiwan such as Italia & Food on Formosa TV.

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