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The Italian art of Norcineria

The #Italian peninsula is known all over the world for a product, which is a true art: nourishing, with all that the pig can offers

#Norcineria, understood as pig processing, does not have certain origins: some claim it was born through a group of Jews arriving in Valnerina, who could not eat pork for religious reasons, had to keep it in order to be able to trade. From then on, a real study would be born that could transform the pig into so many #culinary #arts.

Sure, but the #butchers, especially those of #Norcia, were famous in #Roman times and for centuries they left for #Valnerina to go cut and curing the pigs on farms throughout the Center of Italy. They think they were so good, to be called as surgeons in the major courts in Europe. If we consider the richness of the aromatic herbs present in the territory and the pure air: the ingredients are ideal for making a healthy and valuable product.

In Norcia, #Tuscany and other Italian cities you can buy and taste in the restaurants, delicacies such as Le Fiaschette Del Prete (finely ground salami), the famous #Prociutto di Norcia, which in 1998 gained IGP certification, #Salame tartufati di cinghiale and I Cogliioni di Mulo. Very particular is the Ciauscolo, spreadable salami made from the grinding of shoulder, lonza, ham, bacon and spices.

For example, in #Calabria you can find the #Nduia wich is soft paste salami almost spreadable and the #spicy #Calabrese salami, just to mention some.

In #Campania you can find the #Salsiccia di polmone, which is made with pork lung and other interiors such as spleen and heart, liver and kidney and a generous touch of local red chilies

Everything is ground and salt, chili pepper, and wild fennel seeds are mixed in, then they are shaped in a similar dimension as a sausage with pig intestines. They are dried in a ventilated and fresh environment and it lasts only a month: it can also be fumigated.

Troppi #buoni!!!

#Viva L’Italia!!!!

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